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GitHub bounties, payroll streams and accounting for web3 contributors.

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Grow your community with atomic contracts and permissionless bounties.

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Open source has operated similarly to DAOs for decades.Pull requests are a tried and true mechanism for proposing new code. Now you can leverage the same simple processes for bounties.

Mint Bounty

Create a Bounty to send funds to any GitHub Issue

Issue URL

fund with any ERC-20 or MATIC

find devs with OpenQ talent pools

Findbounties that match your skill set and earn by getting your pull request merged.

Our permissionless bounty system integrates directly with GitHub.

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5 open bounties
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4 open bounties
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2 open bounties

dev creates pull request

maintainer merges pull request

Your money is ready to withdraw.
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Token Streams


create token stream

add new contributor

Create new Stream
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Bounties are good for making initial connections and getting involved in projects. Next step: token streams -integrating decentralized payroll with automated accounting.

add payrolls in any ERC-20 or Polygon native token

facilitate payment requests for your contributors or request your invoiced payment to DAOs

We reduce the work of web3 leaders and simplify the on- and offboarding of team members significantly. In addition, monthly payments areautomatically posted and taxable through our invoice system.
Monthly Disbursements


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900 DAI


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650 DAI


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500 DAI


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450 DAI


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400 DAI

manage your payouts in our accounting system.

automatically generate invoices for all your OpenQ activities as a contributor.

Coming Soon

Accounting Layer


stop wasting time tracking your payments on spreadsheets manually

Generate Invoice

Simple Dashboard

Track every transaction made with OpenQ in one place or integrate other streams to get an overview of your earnings.

Financial Reports

Make your income taxable and generate invoices as well as financial reports automatically for bounties or payroll streams.

Analyze at a Glance

Evaluate the progress of your financial operations to identify issues and strategize solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I mint a bounty?

How do I withdraw a bounty?

How do I refund a bounty?

How many days is a bounty that I funded locked?

What if the maintainer steals my code and claims back his bounty?

What if the maintainer doesn't accept my code or wants to change it?

Do you support other types of bounties as well?